Collection of crown caps of beer for sale

Collection of crown caps of beer for sale!

Start collection: 1993
CC.I # 626 on
Ranking on 172
Total: 20 200 caps
Price: 29.990 Euro + shipping
Bonus: the series (incomplete) flags (Italy) and the series of Euro coins (incomplete) (Italy) + a large number of double caps for trade + this website (free hosting!):
The number of russian caps: 4600 caps from 219 localities.
A number of countries, including dependent territories, colonies, unrecognized States: 200.
Additionally (bonus) - 6 rare countries where do not manufacture (and not sell) beer (7 non-beer caps).
Drinks: beer, malt drinks, kvas + the series of collectors of crown caps.
Details: factory signs, inside prints, nuance of colors, samples, defects.
Storage system: polyethylene files A4, cardboard sheets.
To see more of the collection on my site:
Here You can download an zip-archive with a more complete set of scans by country: